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Lap repair of hiatus hernia (rolling and sliding)

Unlike abdominal wall hernias affecting the groin, hiatus hernias affect the digestive system and have no visible symptoms. In most cases (a sliding hiatus hernia) the top of the stomach pushes up into the chest through the diaphragm. Less common is the rolling hiatus hernia where the stomach goes up into the chest alongside the gullet. Both conditions can cause heartburn, reflux, choking sensations and difficulty swallowing.

Laparoscopic treatment of these types of hernia involves a minimally invasive technique that prevents the risk of the stomach twisting and causing further complications. The hiatus – or gap – where the stomach has moved is tightened using sutures +/- mesh to keep the stomach in the correct position and prevent repetition of the problem.

This keyhole surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and full recuperation and recovery can be expected within approximately four weeks.  


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