Open and Lap (Tapp) Repair Inguinal Hernia

Open and lap (TAPP) repair inguinal hernia 

The most common type of hernia, an inguinal hernia, occurs in the groin area causing a swelling or bulge under the skin where a hernia sac has slipped through a hole in the abdominal wall. After considering the patient’s specific needs a surgeon will perform one of two procedures. 

Open repair is performed under general anaesthetic where the surgeon makes a single incision to gain access to the hernia before placing the sac back into the abdomen. A mesh is then placed in the weak spot of the abdominal wall to strengthen it and prevent further problems. 

Laparoscopic (TAPP) surgery – also performed under general anaesthetic – uses keyhole techniques to make a series of small incisions to the abdomen before inserting instruments through the abdominal wall and the lining covering the organs. A mesh is then attached to the weakened area to strengthen. 

Although the groin area may be sore or uncomfortable after the procedure, recovery is fairly quick.