360 Comments Report

The 360 degree appraisal which is mandatory to have revalidation every 5 years. This report details the feedback from a broad spectrum of colleagues and patients.

Colleague and Patient Feedback

These comments have all been taken directly from the 360 degree report


“I have worked with Prof Menon for 19 years. I have rated him outstanding in every question above as I could not find a rating which says ‘outstanding and an example to other consultants’. Out of all the consultants who have worked in the surgical department at UH over the past 19 years, he is 1 of the 2 consultants who have chaired a national committee (BOMSS).

Every year I see many publications with his name as the author or a co-author. As a Senior consultant, he is always there to discuss, advice and take on the management of complex patients even from other hospitals. He is easily contactable and always available even when he is not on call. He is also the director of West Midlands surgical training centre and take a keen interest in the training of the juniors. He is an extremely busy man who also travel abroad to attend meetings and collaborate with other centres.”


“Mr Menon has been in the leading front as an excellent surgeon, working closely with the upper GI MDT, managing complex patients and leading education and clinical skills. He has always stepped forward to support and help his colleagues as an excellent team player”


“Professor Menon is an inspirational senior member of the team. He has many objective strengths including excellent patient assessment skills, communication skills, and operative decision making and leadership in theatre with patient safety always at the forefront. He is constantly abreast of national and international guidelines and is always accessible no matter what time of day or night if help is required when it comes to patients. He has been in hospital with me at 3am before even when not on call
to ensure his patients get appropriate care. Furthermore he exhibits immense leadership and management skills and when he was Clinical Director of Surgery he implemented several measures to ensure we as juniors could give outstanding clinical care for example the creation of SAU clinic for emergency surgical patients with designated ultrasound slots; and protocols allowing theatre prioritisation of sick surgical patients.”


“I work with Professor Menon on a daily basis – I find him incredibly approachable, kind, supportive and always with a smile on his face.
He is a pleasure to work with and glad to have him within my team”


“Warm welcome + very understanding. I am so relieved to have a doctor like this, he has listened and been lovely.”


“Explained how I could understand –  Very Helpfull.”




“Dr was very friendly and Approachable answered all my questions and come up with an alternate solution to my surgery.  Made me feel very Relaxed.”


“Mr Menon is a dedicated, conscientious and caring surgeon. He has led his own subspecialty and more widely the surgical  group as Clinical Director for 10 years. This challenging role brings few rewards and much criticism, all of which Mr Menon carries with upmost professionalism. He is an excellent colleague and mentor and strives to develop good relationships with colleagues and staff alike. It is my priviledge to work alongside such a role model.” 


“I always enjoy working with Mr Menon. I have commented that his teaching skills are outstanding. From a Medical Student to  a Consultant Mr Menon’s teaching is of a high standard.”


“Mr. Vinod Menon is an exceptional surgeon. He is an expert in his field as evidence of his outstanding performance in both  practical and technical procedures. He can manage complex cases with the use of appropriate resources. He is compassionate and considerate to all his patients and their relatives. He is very polite and respects everbody in theatre regardless of their position or job role. He values the skills and contributions of everybody in the team. He always say good morning first thing in the morning and say thank you to everybody at the end of the day. He is a very good teacher to students and learners and supervise students and junior colleagues. Overall, he is not just an outstanding surgeon but an exceptional human being as well.”


“Mr Menon is a colleague surgeon in theatres, he always communicate well with the team, comes to theatres early and  discussed the plan for the day. He has a good working relation with the theatre staff as well.”


“I have worked with Mr Menon for a number of years now and he is a valued leader and also team player. He is supportive of all members of the team and very approachable. He values the team for their skills and input. 

He is kind and considerate towards patients and treats them with compassion and care.”


“Vinod is a great surgeon who manages to remain kind and calm even in the most trying circumstances.”


“I have known Mr Menon since 2004 when I joined this trust. till 2008 I have been on call registrar and have done many on  calls with Mr Menon. In every aspect he appeared to be outstanding and I was very happy when he became the Clinical Director for Surgery. He proved to be an exceptional clinical director improving the surgical department enormously. I got to know him better when I joined upper GI team for most of my general surgical activities in 2012. He is an exceptional surgeon, clinical director and above all a human being with excellent qualities. I still learn from him. I wish him all the best and wish he lead the Surgery Department for many more years.” 


“Vinod is a surgeon who thinks as well as does operation.

He manages complex cases expediently and holistically with sub-specialties.

He is receptive and supportive of service development, to improve patient care.”


“Clinically exceptional . Challenging times to be a clinical manager- performs exceptionally well. Greater pressure to deliver more operating facilities might (or might not!) resolve the problems” 


“Mr Menon is an outstanding leader who does so from the front, middle and when required, steers from the back.  He understands the needs of the Division (of Surgery) and how these can be met, within the ever-challenging environment in which we work. 

Mr Menon has a busy clinical practice which he delivers to a high level, amidst a number of other commitments and roles.  Going forward, he may wish to consider, and discuss with colleagues, how he envisages the future leadership of the Division, and his vision for the development of new services.” 


“Vinod is a hardworking, reliable and supportive colleague. He is also very good Clinical Director, who has accomplished a lot  during his tenure as CD.” 


“He is a great role model.  

Our team is the best team, because he is in charge. 

He is a great team leader who leads by example. 

He is very approachable, extremely hard working and very thoughtful about the team.

We learn a lot from him and are privileged to have this experience.”


“Mr Menon, works hard to communicate effectively with all grades of staff to manage and improve patient care. He is willing to listen to alternative suggestions and lead the team, delegating appropriately. He encourages research, audit and regularly teaching and encourages team members to attend relevant teaching to remain current.”


“Mr Menon is an excellent all-round Consultant, extremely hard working, very supportive and very well liked by both patients and co-workers everywhere and is a real pleasure to work with.”

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