“I have worked with Prof Menon for 19 years. I have rated him outstanding in every question above as I could not find a rating which says ‘outstanding and an example to other consultants’. Out of all the consultants who have worked in the surgical...


“Mr Menon has been in the leading front as an excellent surgeon, working closely with the upper GI MDT, managing complex patients and leading education and clinical skills. He has always stepped forward to support and help his colleagues as an excellent team...


“Professor Menon is an inspirational senior member of the team. He has many objective strengths including excellent patient assessment skills, communication skills, and operative decision making and leadership in theatre with patient safety always at the...


“I work with Professor Menon on a daily basis – I find him incredibly approachable, kind, supportive and always with a smile on his face.He is a pleasure to work with and glad to have him within my team”


“Warm welcome + very understanding. I am so relieved to have a doctor like this, he has listened and been lovely.”


“Explained how I could understand –  Very Helpfull.”