Patient Feedback

Mrs S, 48years old, lap sleeve gastrectomy

I had my surgery in October 2015 and I was well looked after and was well informed about what was going to happen to me. When I needed any answers the Dietitian was always available to assist me. She has been a support to me all the way through my journey. Though I still have a way to go I know I can email her and she will give me an answer. Since my operation I have lost five stone in weight. I have a lot of other major health issues which made it difficult for me to move about. I am able to move better, though still not far. I am able to get a better choice of clothes and a better fit. Everyone tells me how well I look and my face has changed so much over the past 18 months. I have no regrets about having my operation despite my other health issues are not letting me be more mobile. Had I not had this operation I dread to think how much I would have weighed, being 20 stone when I had the operation and am now 15st with another 4st to go which I know with time will go.